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全国水情信息交换系统升级完善优化设计—王 容,宫博亚 ,孔祥意
      来源:南京水利水文自动化研究所    [大][中][小]

  容,宫博亚 ,孔祥意

(水利部信息中心水利部水文水资源监测预报中心,北京 100053




Upgrade and optimization design of national hydro-regime information exchange system


WANG Rong , GONG Boya, KONG xiangyi

(Information CenterHydrological Monitor and Forecast Center),the Ministry of Water Resources,

                                                               Beijing 100053,China)                                              

Abstract: In order to improve the exchange timeliness of national hydro-regime information, aiming at the problems of data storage delay, statistical stagnation, system crash and so on in the hydro-regime information exchange system during peak period, the technologies and methods of multi-thread parallel processing, independent control of micro service, multi-dimensional file exchange statistics and so on are proposed for optimization design of the four core layer modules of system information sending, information receiving, statistical analysis and information monitoring. Based on the core module service miniaturization, the primary and secondary threads are reconstructed under each micro service, and some threads run in parallel. According to micro service and multi-dimensional thread, file exchange statistics mode is constructed, which reduces the direct interaction with database, so as to improve the efficiency of information sending, receiving, and statistical analysis, and the friendliness of management and maintenance. The two-year test shows that the hydro-regime information exchange system greatly improves the large amount of data exchange ability, significantly improves the efficiency of sending and warehousing, basically has no data delay during morning peak, and fully guarantees the hydro-regime information service.

Key words: hydro-regime information; data exchange; information system; upgrading and perfection; optimization design; nationwide

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