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(广东粤海珠三角供水有限公司,广东 广州 511458



Exploration on intelligent application of large-scale water conservancy project in construction period

DU Canyang, ZHANG Zhaobo

(Guangdong Gdh Pearl River Delta Water Supply Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 511458, China)

Abstract: In view of the difficulties in coordination, on-site safety and quality supervision, and complex progress factors in the construction of large-scale water conservancy projects, this paper focuses on the establishment and landing of engineering control management systems such as "safety, quality, cost and progress". Combined with the requirements of the whole life cycle management of the project, this paper carries on the overall planning for the intelligent application during the project construction period, and establishes unified data, technology and application standards and specifications. By using the key information technologies such as cloud computing, process engine, Internet of Things , big data, BIM and GIS, the deep integration of engineering construction management process and information technology is realized by building a unified collaborative platform used by all participating units, deploying automatic perception and intelligent early warning covering site management and control, aggregating data resource pool, visual data comprehensive analysis, etc., which can provide management means and auxiliary decision-making support tools for project construction management. At present, the platform is practically applied in the construction management of the water resources allocation project in the Pearl River Delta, which can effectively realize fine management of all aspects of the project construction management, ensure the standardization of the project construction management, and also provide typical solutions and practical cases of intelligent water conservancy construction for large-scale water conservancy projects in the industry.

Key words: large-scale water conservancy project; construction period; intelligent water conservancyintelligent application

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