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全国水利一张图建设与应用------蔡 阳,谢文君
      来源:南京水利水文自动化研究所    [大][中][小]

蔡  阳,谢文君

(水利部信息中心,北京 100053)



Research on construction and application for National Water One Map System

CAI Yang, XIE Wenjun

 (Information Center, the Ministry of Water Resources, Beijing 100053, China)

Abstract: The independent construction of information systems often brings a series of problems including the difficulties of data sharing, separated business applications, delayed information updating, inefficient utilization of expensive facilities, technical standards lacking and unsubstantial security mechanism, etc. Water information systems share the demands for the unified map service, in order to process their own business logic based on the same digital background map. Therefore, it is urged to provide an unified fundamental information platform, based on a standard technical system and a solid cloud infrastructure, enabling to integrate various source data with sufficient updating and security mechanisms. The platform is named National Water One Map System, and has been widely used in a set of important water information projects and different levels of water conservancy department. In the future, it will be continuously perfected based the feedbacks during the run phase, forwarding the deep fusion of the information techniques and water businesses to the next level.

Key words: National Water One Map System; data model; map service; information updating; integration and sharing

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2020-03-02 17:42

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