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河湖遥感“四查 ”机制建立及其应用实践------蔡 阳,崔 倩
      来源:南京水利水文自动化研究所    [大][中][小]

  阳,崔 倩

(水利部信息中心,北京 100053

摘要:河湖监管是水利行业强监管的重要内容,传统的监管模式面临监管区域广、问题发现不及时、持续跟踪困难等问题。 利用遥感技术,建立问题巡查、问题详查、问题核查和整改复查的河湖遥感四查机制,为河湖监管工作提供技术支撑。在河湖清四乱专项行动中开展应用实践,表明河湖遥感四查机制的有效运用,实现了及时发现问题和持续跟踪监测,推动了监管工作从被动响应到主动作为的转变,提升了河湖监管能力。


Establishment of "Four Investigations" mechanism and its application in river and lake remote sensing


CAI Yang, CUI Qian

(Information Center, the Ministry of Water Resources, Beijing 100053, China)

Abstract: River and lake supervision is an important part of strong supervision in the water conservancy industry. The traditional supervision model faces problems such as wide supervision area, untimely detection of problems, and difficulty in continuous tracking. Using remote sensing technology to establish "Four Investigations" mechanism for problem inspection, detailed inspection, problem verification, and rectification review, to provide technical support for river and lake supervision. The application practice in the "Clean Up the Four Messes" special action of rivers and lakes shows that the "Four Investigations" mechanism in river and lake remote sensing has been effectively applied. It has realized the timely discovery and continuous tracking and monitoring of problems, promoted the change of supervision from passive response to active action, and enhanced the supervision ability of rivers and lakes.

Key words:  "Four Investigations" mechanism in river and lake remote sensing; the supervision of river and lake; "Clean up Four Messes" of rivers and lakes; remote sensing technology

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