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灌区计量率定物理试验研究方法探析及应用------郭 磊,梅 林,邱 静,王丽雯
      来源:南京水利水文自动化研究所    [大][中][小]

 1,2,3,梅 4,邱 1,2,3,王丽雯1,2,3

1.广东省水利水电科学研究院,广东 广州510635

2.广东省水动力学应用研究重点实验室,广东 广州510635

3.河口水利技术国家地方联合工程实验室,广东 广州510635

4.水利部信息中心,北京 100053



Application and exploration of physical test research on water consumption measurement calibration in irrigation area

GUO Lei1,2,3, MEI Lin4, QIU Jing1,2,3, WANG Liwen1,2,3

(1.Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resources & Hydropower, Guangzhou 510635, China;

2. Guangdong Key Laboratory of Hydrodynamics, Guangzhou 510635, China;

3. State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Estuarine Hydraulic Technology, Guangzhou 510635, China;

4. Information Center, the Ministry of Water Resources, Beijing 100053, China)

Abstract: At present, water level-discharge method is mostly used in irrigation canal water consumption measurement. With different project constructions, it is found that some canals are constrained by complex and changeable canal structure and unsatisfactory calibration conditions, which make it difficult to accurately determine the relationship between water level and discharge, thus affect the measurement accuracy of irrigation areas. In view of the fact that a large number of irrigation canals have good structural conditions but unsatisfactory calibration conditions, the physical model test method is explored to achieve accurate calibration of the relationship between water level and discharge in regular canals. The physical models of regular canals such as rectangular, trapezoidal and compound sections are constructed, and the conversion of the physical model of water level-flow relationship to the original body is realized by changing the ratio. The physical model is calibrated by a small amount of water level-flow data which can be measured in the field, and then the physical model test under the whole working condition is carried out. Then it can obtain the interpolation and extension relationship of water level and discharge through correlation analysis. Relative mean deviation between the actual discharge and the calculated value from the method is not more than 5%. The method can provide reference for the calibration of water level-discharge relationship in regular canals.

Key words: irrigation area measurement; water level and discharge relationship; correlation analysis; physical model test; dynamic scale; regular canal
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