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水质在线监测系统的运行评价------赵利娜,程 溶
      来源:南京水利水文自动化研究所    [大][中][小]

赵利娜1  程溶2

1. 上海市环境学校,上海 200135

2. 上海市海洋监测预报中心,上海 200062


关键词: 水质在线监测系统;比对实验;相对误差 



Operation evaluation of water quality online monitoring system

 ZHAO Lina 1    CHENG Rong 2

(1. Shanghai College of the Environmental, Shanghai 200135, China;

2. Marine monitoring and forecasting center of Shanghai, Shanghai 200062, China)

Abstract: The failure rate of automatic online water quality monitoring system will increase with the operation time going by. When its key parts approach the end of service life, the system will become unstable. The solution lies in the increasing of maintenance frequency and the implementing of a full system upgrade. Taking a certain water quality monitoring station remolds of the Suzhou River online automatic water quality monitoring system in Shanghai as an example, the article introduces the composition process of the renovation project of on-line water quality monitoring system and on-line instrument and laboratory analysis data. Throughput analysis it can be concluded that after the system reformation, the indicators of pH, ammonia nitrogen and permanganate indexes from the online monitoring instruments are basically consistent with those acquired in the laboratory, and consequently reflect the authentic condition of the water quality.

Keywords: Water quality online Monitoring system; comparison experiment; relative deviation

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2020-03-02 17:21

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