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      来源:南京水利水文自动化研究所    [大][中][小]


(河海大学计算机与信息学院,江苏 南京 211100

摘 要目前流域省域级水文测报存在着数据收集分散采集网络整合力度不够采集手段缺乏相互关联时间空间布局存在部分交叉和空白对整个观测区域有效信息的捕捉和服务能力受限等问题为此提出并设计一种基于 CPS信息-物理融合系统体系架构的水文自动测报物联网系统技术模式并对水文自动测报物联网系统应用设计复合通信体制多种通信体制联合组网信息共享服务等关键技术提出解决方案这种基于 CPS 物联网架构的水文测报技术模式和关键技术解决方案具有实时感知-物信互联-过程跟踪-智能处理的核心特征为提升水文测报的智能感知信息采集体系建设水平以及提高信息共享服务能力满足精细化业务管理及支撑水利智能应用要求提供先进有效的技术手段



Hydrological data acquisition IOT System: Communication networking and service

WANG HuibinXU LizhongTAN GuopingLI Yueheng

(College of Computer and Information, Hohai University, Nanjing 211100, China)

Abstract: At present, the hydrological data acquisition of basin and provincial level has some problems for example: data gathering is scattered, integration of gathering network is not effective enough, acquisition methods are lack of relevance, time and space layout is partially crossed and has blank, the abilities of information capture on whole observation area and the effective information service are limited, etc. Therefore, this paper proposes and designs a hydrological data acquisition IOT (Internet of things) System technique model based on the CPS (Cyber Physical System), and puts forward solutions to such key technology as the hydrological data acquisition IOT system application designing, compound communication system (multiple communication system) joint networking and information sharing service. These solutions have a core characteristic that is “real time-information things connect-process tracking-intelligent processing”. And they provide advanced and effective technical methods to promote the construction level of intelligent perceptive and informative collection system of hydrological data acquisition, to improve the information sharing service ability, and to meet the requirements of the elaborating management, as well as requirements of upholding for water conservancy intelligent application.

Key words: hydrological data acquisition system; Internet of things; compound communication; communication mechanism; communication network; information service

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